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24. 5. 2007

1Parik Inu a Kagome

Inu-Yasha & Kagome

Inu-yasha and Kagomeinu-yasha and kagome

inu-yasha and kagomeInuYasha+Kagome

inu yasha kagomeInu-yasha and KagomeInu-Yasha and KagomeInu and Kagome- THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!kagome\: come one,get the doogie treat!

Inu-Yasha and KagomecoupleAnime Couple[[Inuyasha]]Anime Couple[[Inuyasha]]The Greatest Couple In InuyashaInu Yasha  and  Kagomeanime couple/inuyashaTheir a great couple.cutest couple everGoodbye....Kag with earsCouple In The Rain

kagome kittycute couple huh?

Kagome Loves Inu YashaKagome  and  InuyashaInuyasha  and  Kagome

Kagome & Inuyashakagomekagome kisses inu yashalittle inu and kagome

Inu Yasha...with Kikyou and KagomeInu Yasha und Kagome 02inu/fulldeamon inu and kagome

Inu-Yasha kissingKagome  and  Inu YashaInuyasha  and  Kagome Sitting

Inuyasha  and  Kagome on a bikeIY kissing Kagome BackgroundInuyasha and Kagome

Inuyasha and Kagome

Inuyasha and KagomeInuyasha and KagomeInuyasha and KagomeInuyasha and KagomeInuyasha and KagomeInuyasha and KagomeInu Yasha loves Kagome\'s clockKagome and human Inu Yasha kissingAwww . . . . he's so adorable!Inuyasha & Kagome gazing at the skyInu Yasha Killing Kagome for taking his chocolate bar

Inu Yasha and Kagome looking at each otherInu Yasha and Kagome have big hands

2 Miroku a Sango

Sango and Miroku

Sango MirokuSango and MirokuSango and Miroku

Miroku and SangoMiroku and SangoSango and Mirokusango and mirokusango and mirokumiroku and sangomiroku and sangomiroku and sangomiroku and sangosango and mirokuMiroku and SangoSesshomaru and rin (>.< hate this couple)Kikyo and Inuyasha make a perfect couple.inuyasha coupleThey make a cute couplesango and inuyasha my second fav coupleHakudoushi and Kanna = Best couple ever 8Dcute.rin and her father sesshomaru i know not related but they share that kind of relationship.i think rin and kohaku or rinxshippo make a cute coupleFwee! I love this yaoi couple! Inuyasha and Miroku belong together. This has got to be my favorite picture. I love it so much.i love this couple and sesshomaru did show some affection toward her just have to look at his eyes and face he looks sorta sad anyone sesshomaru and sara forever!!!!!!!!!


rin and sesshomaru i hate this couple but i just thought that this was a cute pic of them and this was made by younginfatuation not me so give the artist the creted read the bottom and it will tell you the name of the people that made itInuyasha-a coupleSesshoumaru And RinA happy couple.

inu yasha group... interesting

inu yasha group kawaiimy favorite couple!

narakuNarakuNarakuNaraku and Gangnaraku and morekagura



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